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A/S “Krāsaino Metālu Manufaktūra”

Reg. no. 43603070950

VAT no. LV43603070950

Legal address: Daugavgrīvas iela 116, Rīga, LV-1055

Licence Nr. RI16ME0002.

e-pasts: kmmf@kmmf.lv

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A/S "Krāsaino Metālu Manufaktūra"

Business Improvement through Quality

Continuous casting foundry started in 2003. In last 5 years the concept of innovation in continuous casting was supported by the Board and KMM Company employed high degree skilled specialists with wide experience in a field of continuous casting. During this period a huge investment was made into know-how technologies and equipment to increase products quality and capacity of foundry. Nowadays KMM foundry is capable to manufacture up to 6000 t of wide range continuous casting copper alloys products per year.
Combining continuous improvement of technologies and modernisation of the equipment KMM Metals has risen to the rapidly developing manufacturing company with continuously growing sales volume. Despite of the instability of the world industry in 2009 we sold nearly 4000 t of bronze alloys.

Our guiding values

Our approach to the customer, ability to be the fastest foundry in Europe and quality control policy assured extension of our customers list, enabling us to invest into trend state of the art technology, providing benefits from our services to our Clients.

Products of KMM Metals

Our main products are bares, flat bares, hexagonal and octagonal bares and tubes of definite bronze alloys as well as ingots that originally are semi-finished products.
Furthermore we offer machining of bronze and other metals by CNC turning machines according to customers’ demands. The equipment of CNC machines allows us to produce large series of parts as well as high precision parts. Production made with CNC machines is the end product manufactured from our own products – bares and tubes – and is used in mechanical engineering, construction, health protection, aviation, shipbuilding, vehicles, computer, plumbing fittings, apparatus engineering, optical instruments and other.

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All kinds of molds and semi-finished products can be produced using the continuous casting method.

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Alloys and ingots

12 different alloy types meeting 4 ISO standards.


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Purchase of scrap metal

As a manufacturer, we can offer the best prices for scrap metal in Riga.

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